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WordPress Web Hosting

Created approximately a decade ago by a couple of enthusiasts, these days WordPress is the most widely used CMS software used by 1 000 000's of users all around the globe. It is free, so anybody can install it and use it to kick off a personal web page, a design portfolio, or to advertise new corporate offers.

NTC Hosting (WordPress Plan)
per month
Hosting Space: Unlimited
Monthly Web Traffic: Unlimited
Hosted Domains: 10
E-mails: 500
FTPs: Unlimited
Free Top Level Domain: Yes
InnoDB: Yes
Node.js: Optional
Memcached: Optional
Web Service Continuity: 99.9% Uptime

What's WordPress?

WordPress is a PHP-powered web content management application that utilizes a MySQL database management system to store all the articles composed by the administrator or the comments on these articles written by the users. What renders the CMS script more preferred than other open-source content management platforms is its uncomplicatedness and the big community that supports it. Some providers such as NTC Hosting, for instance, even furnish a one-click script installer that saves you the time of installing WordPress all by yourself. You can merely select your domain and push the Install button - their software tool will complete the remaining part.

Create Feature-Rich Sites

Once WordPress is installed, it is ready for use. You can log in and begin to modify it, and this is what renders the PHP blogging script truly unique. Since it is an open-source web content management software system, there are 1000's of design themes and add-ons that you can download and easily install to create a terrific site. All you have to perform is upload the plugin or the web design theme in the corresponding folder in your web hosting account, and then activate it from the WordPress administration dashboard - it is as simple as that. There are one, two and three-column design layouts; you can also tweak the color scheme, and the supplementary add-ons will bestow your WordPress-driven web site with inimitable functionality. You can make media-rich web sites, include a chat service, integrate video clips or any other textual, visual and aural content, allow your site visitors to rate articles and commentaries, include the content in your preferred community site and much more. As the PHP weblog script is updated often, all the vulnerabilities that may be taken advantage of are mended by the WordPress developer crew in a timely manner, so you can be assured that your site is secure. This is a crucial distinction from other free blog scripts that are updated infrequently or are not updated at all, exposing both your online portal and web hosting account to peril.

Start Blogging Right Away, It's Easy

WordPress also offers a free-of-charge blog service on their site, so you can set up an online blog momentarily by signing up there, but the web address of this brand new online blog of yours will be Whilst this service is free of charge and easy to use, there will be advertisements on your blog and you cannot make use of additional design themes or add-ons - you are restricted to what the website offers you. Surely, getting your very own personal domain and WordPress web hosting account (why not a virtual hosting server or a dedicated hosting server account) gives you the liberty you require to develop a fabulous blog. If you would like to make a corporate blog, this would also fetch verisimilitude and call forth respect.

WordPress - The Most Advanced Web Content Management Software Platform

These days, WordPress is used by millions of Internet users across the globe as it is easy and intuitive to use and although it was concocted to be simply a blog script, the supplementary add-ons invented by the big WordPress user community have transformed it into a web platform that stretches far beyond an average online blog. Merely several examples are the plugins that permit you to set up a service catalog and trade goods online, to create slide shows, or even to add games that your web page visitors can play whilst examining your online blog.